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  • Stockholm, Швеция
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Дети 2 ребенка
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Рост 5'2" - 5'3" (156-160см)
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Этническая принадлежность Европеоид
Религия Христианин
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Thank you that you find the time to read my profile, let me please introduce myself. My name is Olya, but all my close people call me Lola, I live in Sweden. I joined this site to find simple female happiness... I want to love and be lovedEmbarassed

I am a woman who knows how to provoke to sin, excite a man's imagination, while keeping him on a "short leash", not slipping into vulgarity, but protecting her dignity and honor, is always desirable, because vice is seductive only when it is beautiful and hides. Only a true woman knows how to calmly sacrifice her femininity and sexuality to a complex character, inaccessibility, and intelligence. She has both.

Such women are admired, but at the same time, they are dangerous. The secret is that with all their external fragility, searing eroticism, they are able to remain inaccessible, not allowing themselves to be touched by all their unworthy when the frantic potential of sensuality is hidden behind a veil of chaste severity, for inside there is a steel core of pride and self-respect.

Immaculate and passionate, modest and arrogant, licentious and endlessly cherishing her own honor, insane and awakening fantasies, evoking hatred and awe, rage and respect, jealousy and a desire to idolize her, relaxed and inaccessible, hot and cold, - a woman is not a picture, not form. A woman is what she creates with the inner world of men. Therefore, female sexuality is truly a lethal weapon only when there is intelligence, self-respect, and pride inside. Otherwise, the woman is just a doll stuffed with all sorts of rubbish Exclamation
Описание идеального партнера:
I want to meet a man who can calm down with a glance. The one who says and does. Who will not leave in doubt. Which I will not contradict, whom I will look at with admiration.

One that is like a wall, support, and a reliable rear. Who has an inner strength that cannot be broken. Which is better, wiser, a hundredfold stronger. Who is not looking for who is to blame.

I am free, you are free. We are partners and not slaves to each other. We do not force each other to abandon friends, interests, jobs and put everything on the sacrificial altar of relationships.

My thoughts about relationships...

1.Each of us has our own world, despite the fact that we are together.

2. I'm not perfect, you are not perfect. I know that every person has flaws. And if I accept yours, I can count on you to accept mine.

3. I love, respect, and want you. You love, respect, and want me. If there is a gap in a relationship and there is only love + respect, but missing “want you” or want you + love, but no respect, then we are not in a direction to stay together.

4. I can discuss everything with you. You can discuss everything with me. We have no taboo topics. And even if you suddenly started to like another girl, you can tell me and we will find a solution together.

5. I trust you, you trust me. I don’t call 1000 times asking where you are and with whom, and I expect the same from you.

6. If we have an agreement that we remain faithful to each other, then each must remain faithful so as not to hurt the other. We may have other agreements: free relationships, open marriage, etc., the main thing is that this happens at the request of both parties.

7. I am happy, you are happy. We met to share joy, positive energy, experience, knowledge, and not to heal each other's wounds.

8. We don’t subject each other to any physical or moral violence, we don’t humiliate. Relationships are not a reason for us to assert ourselves.

And if there are no coincidences, then this is good food for thoughts...
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